Get up to 50% for referred clients
Open a business selling a platform for worldwide delivery services and receive monthly payments
Apps Factory
Partner Program
How the partner program works
Register as a partner
We provide all the necessary instructions and manuals so that you can sell more and more efficiently.
Attract clients
Your task is to attract a client, conclude an agreement and fill out a personal account, while you are not limited to the territories of one country.
Receive income
We provide further customer service. You get passive income, which depends on the client's spending on our platform.
Your opportunities
Limitless search
Attract customers from any country in the world. We take care of all questions on further customer service and support. Your task is to attract him.
Financial independence
Get monthly income up to 50% of the expenses of your attracted client. Remuneration is paid when you accumulate on your account from $ 300 to your bank card.
Education and development
We provide all the necessary up-to-date information on our product, conduct video presentations, and explain in detail how the system works.
Why is it beneficial for you?
We offer a continuous income that you can increase thanks to our recommendations.
We provide training and constant consultations on our product so that you can attract more customers.
In a convenient personal account, it is easy to track and control
monthly accruals
Relevant and easy to use product - our system is suitable even for novice entrepreneurs.
Even more benefits
You can also become our official representative partner in any country of the world or region. Only a LLC or individual entrepreneur can become a representative.

Send a request and find out in which country you can become our official representative.
Terms of the partner program
The more your customers spend, the more you earn!
  • 15%
    от 0 $ / month
    Total cost of service for all referred clients
  • 25%
    от 1 750 $ / month
    Total cost of service for all referred clients
  • 50%
    от 3500 $ / month
    Total cost of service for all referred clients

Register as a partner of the "Apps Factory" company

And receive monthly income from acquired clients
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